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EagleWing Dynamics Services

About Us

Our expertise is built on a foundation of deep industry knowledge and a wide array of experiences. Our team has a rich background in sourcing and manufacturing an extensive range of products. This spans from health and safety items such as 3-ply disposable masks, cotton balls, and latex and nitrile gloves, to industrial products including machine cutting tools and consumables. Additionally, our experience in curating a variety of residential lighting products cements our ability to cater to the comprehensive needs of large retail entities.

With EagleWing Dynamics, you have a partner who understands the breadth and depth of your requirements.

Our Services & Competencies

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

EagleWing Dynamics, a recognized Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), offers specialized government contracting services. Leveraging a network of international and domestic USA manufacturers, we excel in sourcing and manufacturing an extensive assortment of products, while ensuring utmost quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our expertise is not confined to tangible goods alone but extends into the custom development of software solutions and data analytics platforms.

Driven by our deep industry insight and broad experience, we align our strategies to the specific requirements of our clients. Our commitment to delivering top-notch quality, fostering efficiency, and ensuring unswerving customer satisfaction sets us apart in our field.

Industrial Procurement

Industrial Procurement

Made to Order

Made to

Made in the USA

USA manufacturing network 

Global Logistics & 3PL Solutions

Global Logistics & 3PL Solutions

Software Development

Software Development

Data Analytics


Program Management

Program Management

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Our Projects

Our experience and accomplishments with top-tier customers and global agencies in various sectors, exemplifying our diverse capabilities.

 3-ply Face Masks

We successfully manufactured 100 million medical-grade 3-ply face masks, proudly made in the USA for use in health care and facilities areas.

Light Fixtures

Successfully set up a multi-million dollar global sourcing network for the procurement of energy-efficient lighting solutions for distribution in USA. 

65% Post Consumer Recycled Trash Bags

Successfully designed and introduced a garbage bag product made from 65% post-consumer recycled material for the retail market.

Data Analytics

We developed a tailor-made data analytics platform, facilitating the tracking of health trends in emerging markets.

Our Experience

We view each engagement as an opportunity to forge a lasting partnership

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United Nations
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